LocalEGA GA4GH cryptor

lega-cryptor is a tool to encrypt, decrypt or re-encrypt files according to the Crypt4GH file format.


Here is a demo of the tool using the following scenario: We have pre-created 2 keypairs, namely test.pub / test.sec and test2.pub / test2.sec, and we run the steps:

  1. Encryption with a first public key, here test.pub
  2. Decryption with the relevant private key (Here the test.sec, where the passphrase is given at a no-echo prompt, to unlock it)
  3. Re-encryption with a second public key (Here test2.pub and the private key test.sec from 2)
  4. Decryption using the second private key test2.sec (along with the no-echo prompted passphrase to unlock it).